You Think You Know Me (Choc Lit)You Think You Know Me by Clare Chase
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I loved the character of Anna Morris. She is strong but not so sure of herself at times. She seems like most women in that we can be strong and in your face and not back down but once alone we will break down and fall apart. And I could see that in her character. I think its Anna being a Journalist that gets her into trouble. She is naturally inquisitive. And this leads her down the wrong path.

The character Darrick Farron, well where do I start? He is so mysterious and just what every woman I think is looking for in a man. A little aloof and just out of reach but my Knight in Shining Armor when I really need him to be. I love the fact that Clare leaves you hanging with his character till almost the end of the book.

Sebastian Rice. Anna has known him since they went to the University together with their beautiful friend Julia. Sebastian and Julia could not keep away from each other. They were going to be a beautiful old married couple. Up until the day Julia killed herself. Sebastian was devastated and reached out to Anna for comfort and she gave back. Comfort that is……..

Her roommates Alicia and Sally make for funny times in the flat.

Where do I start? When I thought I knew where the story line was going Clare took the story to another level. We all have our group of friends from our University days .But we’ve parted ways due to jobs and life’s journeys or…. how many have ended in suicide and murder? Anna Morris has moved back to London as a Freelance Journalist and is drawn to the art world which brings her in contact with some of her old friends and contacts. Sebastian Rice who is now a gallery owner has a huge gallery opening and Darrick Farron comes under an another patrons name and takes a picture of Anna. This sets off warning bells for Sebastian. Seb warns Anna about Darrick. She is more intrigued than scared off and meets the mysterious Darrick Farron. Which she is madly drawn to, but finds every possible reason not to be with. But you know with bad boys once with one you always go back! Sebastian who is also the good guy to Darricks bad boy offers Anna a lucrative job there at the gallery. But there is one catch . She can not see Darrick. What does Sebastian know about Darrick that he isn’t telling Anna? There is history between Sebastian and Anna, she trusts him. But she has feelings for Darrick. What should Anna do? She is caught up in the Art world and it is ruthless. I enjoyed every second of this book and can’t wait to read more of Clare Chases work
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