Bear Winter (The Pack Rules, #6)Bear Winter by Michele Bardsley
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Hope and Gabe are madly in love and are engaged to be married. Hope is a psychic and accepts many weird things about life. She knows shifters exist especially one bear shifter in particular, Gabe. She began to have ominous visions about his death so she broke off the engagement and left him. Knowing that he would live being away from her didn’t make it any easier.

Gabe is a bear shifter and a bodyguard. He is a force to be reckoned with. When one of his protégé goes missing with her son, he knows only one person can help find them; Hope. He hasn’t seen her in months and still doesn’t understand why she left him. He needs to swallow his pride and ask for her help. Maybe he can convince her that they belong together?

On the way to save Donna and her son, Hope realizes her visions of Gabe’s death involves them. How can she save them and protect the man she loves at the same time? Though I would have liked the book to be longer, I enjoyed reading it. Hope and Gabe are both headstrong and stubborn but love each other fiercely.

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