BriséBrisé by Leigh Ann Lunsford
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Brisé by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Brisé by Leigh Ann Lunsford was an emotionally packed read. My goodness I’m still wiping tears away writing my review! Lucas or “Luke” as Phoebe calls him, was an alpha male from the moment you meet him as a kid and just grows into it more the older he got. When we are first introduced to these two, we learn Phoebe has cancer, leukemia, and Luke promises to be her superhero and she promises to be his ballerina. As they grow both have feelings for the other but Luke has a secret plan and a timeline in which all will be done. When tragedy strikes Phoebe, Luke must up those plans Through a lot of trials and hate and tears and love we do get a Happily Ever After but the wringer you get put through to get there is exhausting!
Phoebe is 4 when we meet her. She’s tiny and fragile and her life is in the balance. As she grows everyone protects her from everything. When tragedy strikes and Luke steps in things go from bad to worse and then its just awful. Phoebe is hardheaded and hurt. When she sees a glimpse of Luke she makes the decision to move back home. Through a rough time Luke and Phoebe find each other again but what else does life have in store for them?
Luke is a protector from the moment we meet him until the very end of this book. I was so frustrated with his alpha way of thinking and as lot of his decisions he made. I wanted to slap him and then hug him. Luke broke my heart in many ways in this book but some were good. In the end his stubbornness was met head on and we are rewarded with a happily ever after.
This was a first read for me by Ms. Lunsford but it won’t be my last. I’ll need to buy more Kleenex though!. I lobed watching them both grow AMD learn but my heart hurt in so many places I felt that I lived the pain they did. What a great read!!

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