Cowboy's Kiss (Heartthrob Heroes Series)Cowboy’s Kiss by Kimberly Llewellyn
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Jackie Taylor lives in Washington D.C. She is a writer of etiquette books for children. She is hired to go to a ranch and teach two kids more etiquette. She is hired by their grandpa. Their dad knows nothing of it till having to pick her up at the train station. She knows that she has her work cut out for her on this one. She has decided that she needed the break away from the cameras of Washington D.C. and a supposed boyfriend.
Tanner Avery is a widowed father of two country kids. They have never had a women figure to help shape them to civilized children. They act like crazy kids and Tanner if fine with that. He spends so much time working the ranch that he does not notice how out of hand they have gotten. That is until Jackie comes around and start showing them the way they should be acting.
Once Tanner opens up to the idea of Jackie teaching the kids they need to know he also starts opening up to Jackie. They both try and keep their guard up though. Her for the times she has been burned in Washington and him because he does not want to lose any one again. After a miscommunication about the boyfriend she left in Washington things change for them. They both open their eyes to each other.

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