Fooling AroundFooling Around by Noelle Adams
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Let’s start with Julie. Julie has spent the last almost 6 years taking care of her parents; first her father, then her mother. After spending numerous days and hours at the hospital waiting for her mother to take her last breath it finally happens. On her way to start making funeral arrangements she gets stuck between floors inside the elevator, at least she isn’t alone she has the handsome, sexy Eric who also happened to be in a wheelchair. Eric is a self made businessman, he has more money then he knows what to do with and yet he still is not happy. He’s content and always busy and has tons of friends and adventures however he didnt realize what was missing until he meets Julie. After yelling at his current nurse and personal assistant he rushes into the elevator (as much as one in a wheelchair can rush) and meets Julie, she the first person in weeks who has been able to help him without frustrating Eric and making him feel helpless by fussing over him. Eric decided then and there he needs her and offers her one million dollars to live with him and be his nurse for 3 months. Will Julie decide to take a leap and so something to spontaneous Or will Eric push her away before he has a chance to show her how great they could be together with his rude and domineering ways… After finding out Eric’s biggest secret,that he has a daughter, who also happens to have medical problems Julie tried to talk to Eric and get him to open up so that she can be there for him and he shuts her down hard and fast leaving her feeling embarrassed and like a fool. Then one night changes everything…or does it? After hiding behind sarcasm, witty humor and denial will Julie and Eric get a happily ever after or will they convince them they’re better off apart with their boss-employee relationship. This book flows well with the story line and character relationships. The relationship slowly blooms and is full of denial and sexual frustration. Then it emerges into sexual frustration and the land of pretend where choices that were made in the past only happened in their minds vs in real life. This is a great place to be until your make believe world comes crashing down

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