Snare (a Falling Stars novel, #3)Snare by Sadie Grubor
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This book has your HEA. This book tells the story of Sidra Campbell and Xavier Stone. This book could be read as a standalone. This is the fifth book of the Falling Stars Series. The book was well written telling the stories of all the characters involved in the book. It told of the current stories and past stories that affected the characters of the book. The author has you sighing one minute from the caring and love and laughing the next from the outburst.
Sidra Campbell is a girl that has a bad past. Her Ex turns out to be nowhere near what she thought him to be. She decides to go to LA to be with her cousin and start rebuilding herself. She has to keep her business no matter what she has to do. She is scared things will not work out for her the way she wants with her Adult Toy business. Her cousin sends her on a weeklong trip to the mountains to get back to herself. She thinks that she is going to be spending the week alone with a good book, wine and the wilderness. That turns out to be the furthest thing from happening. She ends up spending the whole weekend with a man she refuses to get close to no matter what her body says.
Xavier is man that has lost people close to him and is in danger of losing the mother of his children. He spent many years in his band as the drummer. Was brought up by porn star parents. He goes away the same week every year to regroup himself for his twin girls. When he gets to the cabin he finds that he is not alone this year. He tries to stay away because he is afraid to get attached again. He is not sure that his will is as strong as hers.
After spending the week together Sidra is not sure her heart can take any more. She spent time with Xavier and all of his family. Totally blown away with meeting his porn star mother and his twin daughters she is scarred of caring. She is still trying to figure out what to do about her business and her life. She fly’s back to Pennsylvania to see her options. Her ex goes crazy and tries to force her hand. Xavier will never let anybody or anything hurt her again. There journey together is a good one for all.

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