SOLDIER: A Military Bad Boy RomanceSOLDIER: A Military Bad Boy Romance by Maggie Sweet
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This story isn’t for the faint of heart. I have to say that this is the first time I have ever read anything from this particular author but I will definitely read from her again. Mick and Rainey have a connection from the start little do they know just how much their lives are going to intertwine throughout the story. Mick has just gotten home from being in the military and is expecting to take over the bar that was supposed to be his before he went into the military. Rainey is running the bar that Mick believes will be his. Though this is where you first meet the couple, it won’t be the last time they run into each other before they really start to see where the relationship is going to go. Rainey and Mick are definitely not your typical couple and this is not your typical military romance. Mick while he is an alpha didn’t have your typical upbringing and Rainey was in and out of foster homes. Mick was made to go into the military and while for a time he loathes his father for making him do his stint in the military, he will finally realize just how good it was for him. As for Rainey, she isn’t too sure where her life will lead her in the very beginning of the book, but soon realizes that her life is in her own hands not that of someone else. They work together and somewhat against each other in this book until the end where they realize that they are meant to be together and that they will do anything and everything in their power to make that happen. Ms. Sweet did a really great job on this book and I definitely cannot wait to read more from her. So if you are looking for an angst filled read please take the time to check this book out.

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