The Alpha's Mate (Bring Her Wolf, #2)The Alpha’s Mate by Michelle Fox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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This is book two but easily could be read as a standalone. This is my first book by Michelle Fox but it certainly won’t be my last. The story was very well written and kept me completely enamored. This was a fast read for me. I personally don’t read a ton of werewolf books but I enjoyed this one. Chloe is mated with the alpha which is basically the leader of the pack. She used to be a null but he brought her wolf out. A lot of the other female wolves in the pack do not like Chloe and feel that they should have been Jacksons mate. So there is a lot of animosity towards Chloe. Anyway a rogue werewolf busts into town and several female wolves are missing. Rogue wolves are not a part of a pack and I think are a little crazy. A girl comes into Town from Jacksons old pack and causes some issues. They have to go out looking for the rogue and all heck breaks loose. In the end Chloe proves that she should be mated with the alpha and that she’s not weak. My favorite part is when the couple took in two little girls because their parents kind of left them with a grandma. It was awesome to me that they took these two kids in without even knowing them. And I liked the part where Chloe did what she had to to survive. I totally wasn’t expecting it but it was a interesting surprise. Fun book!

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