The Alpha's Pack (The Stonewall Pack Alpha Series, #1)The Alpha’s Pack by Tabitha Conall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tabitha Conall puts an interesting twist on the mating rituals of wolves. In her world, they mate in threes. It was refreshing to read something different.

Jake, Sam and Deidre find each other one morning and realize there are obstacles to overcome to be able to be together. Deidre belongs to the Stonewall Pack, Sam is in the Roanoke Pack and Jake is a loner. Not one is allowed in the others’ territory. Living in neutral territory is their only option since no one is willing to join the other’s pack.

Unfortunately when Deidre tells her alpha that she’s leaving, he refuses her. He insists that her mates swear allegiance to him. Serious problems occur and they must fight to be together.

This book has explicit sexual content therefore an adult audience is suggested. Some of these scenes will leave you breathless.

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