Beyond RepairBeyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln
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“I needed nothing more at that moment than to feel him against me, taking me back to last night when everything was perfect. I put my hand on his arm, letting out an involuntary sigh as I looked at him. God, he was so frigging tall. He leaned down toward me. I stood on my tiptoes… And got the worst cramp in my foot ever. ‘Sh*t!’ I exclaimed as I tripped over into him.” Talk about the worst c*ck block ever and not to mention such an embarrassing moment.

From gaining some grounds to losing more grounds. In Beyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln, a mother takes on many hardship as well as challenges in order to once again find happiness and Peace with herself and others.

Brooke is a single parent who is raising her three-year-old daughter, Mia while living next to her older sister, Zoey and her husband Kyle. Brooke is a graphic designer who has been through a lot. There are times when she has panic attacks, and in order to keep herself calm she uses hand sanitizer. Zoey wants Brooke to get back into the dating game, and tries to hook her up with guys. But Brooke wants no part of it and often denies the guys. Deciding to only focus on Mia and their needs, as well as keeping Mia’s father away from her. But one guy has managed to breach Brooke’s barrier and caught her attention, and that is Kyle’s best friend Chris.

Chris works as a construction worker and he helps build houses for charities. He’s also a great uncle who loves his five-year-old nephew, Ryder. Chris has just taken over Kyle and Zoey’s old condo next to Brooke’s, and the first time they meet she doesn’t like him. But after talking to him and spending time together, he becomes important to her. Chris quickly feels strong feelings for Brooke and Mia, and hopes to develop into something more. But with any relationship honesty and trust is required.

Their feelings are mutual, but both Chris and Brooke need to come clean about their past in order to move on with one another. Will Chris be able to overcome his nervousness and tell Brooke? And will Brooke be able to get Chris to understand why she made the decisions she did? As well as prevent Mia’s father from seeing her?

This books jumps you right into the story. The beginning of the chapter grabs at you, and you will find yourself unable to put down the book. I love the way the author has you thinking “Oh, so the worst is over.” Then BAM, something else happens and you’re unable to stop reading because you want to find out what will happen next. My favorite character in this book is Mia, you will love this little girl. She makes you laugh, and she has a lot of spunk for being a three-year-old girl going on four. But your heart will go out for Brooke and Chris, with all she has to deal with and how dedicated Chris is. If you’re looking for a book that has a twist, and romance then this is a book for you. Don’t fall asleep on this book because you will be surprised by what you find out.
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