LaCour's DestinyLaCour’s Destiny by Robert Downs
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LaCour’s Destiny by Robert Downs is a mystery and Downs’ third novel. LaCour’s Destiny is a story about a missing woman named Dana and how her co-worker Samantha unravels the mystery of her disappearance and eventual death.
Samantha or Sam as “she answers to” is an excellent accountant with what seems like a mental health issue as her mind wonders…a lot. I love that Sam uses Jolly Ranchers candy to keep herself grounded in reality.
“You have a memory like a steel trap.” “I do when it comes to numbers.” I’d been known to memorize a string of numbers twenty-five digits long without putting forth much of an effort.
The secondary characters of Ben, the police officer, Felicia the older sister, Don the computer hacking friend and Cadence the best friend all play important roles in Sam’s life either setting her up with single men, saving her from crazy killers, or getting her information to find Dana.
“You don’t even write in a journal.” I, however, kept a journal outlining my various dates, as I focused on their shortfalls more than their strengths. If nothing else, it might make for a good comedy routine someday.”
The action picks up near the end and Sam shows her physical strength is just as good as her mental strength.
“I slid my right hand through the rope, and I almost had my left one free when she leaned down, the gun near her side. I cocked my right hand, and then I drove it forward with all my might, aiming directly at her chin. I caught her at just the right angle, and her head bobbed back.”
I give this story 3 stars and I am looking forward to reading other stories by Robert Downs.
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