Lies Unspoken (Flawed Love, #1)Lies Unspoken by Lisa De Jong
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Lies Unspoken by Lisa DeJong. A Flawed Love Book 1.

Getting your heartbroken isn’t easy. When you spend years of your life with one person, it’s hard to acclimate yourself to a life without them. What would you do if you were suddenly in a town where everything and everyone reminded you every day of the man who said he didn’t want to be with you anymore?

Lila Fields is trying to find her place. Starting new in Chicago, leaving behind her life and lost love in Nebraska, Lila is driven to keeping her heart intact. Steering clear of men isn’t that easy. Even in the big city. Her new roommate is exactly what she doesn’t need. No feelings involved sex? Not for the faint of heart. Will she fall or will she flourish?

Roommate and natural pain in the *ss Blake Stone is an artist of merit. He’s sexy and rough around the edges with dark secrets and a grand sexual awareness. Making noise to pull her out of her room each morning to spend just snippets of time with him is only the start. When they connect it’s fierce, energetic, and exactly what he doesn’t expect.

New boss Pierce Stanley is also enamored with Lila. With her thoughts and love fully focused on Blake, Lila turns Pierce down. Over and over. But Pierce and Blake have a history. That history doesn’t bode well for Lila and Blake’s relationship.

Who will she choose. Or will she be left with no options?

Lisa sucked me in deep with this read. I can’t seem to break out of Lila and where her thoughts take me runs deep. Stuck between what’s good for you and what you want is always a hard decision. Making the right one is even harder. Reading the next one is going to be a treat!
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