Love Unspoken (Flawed Love, #2)Love Unspoken by Lisa De Jong
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Love Unspoken by Lisa DeJong. A Flawed Love Book 2.

After a heartbreak you think moving on will be hard. Sometimes though, knowing what you have to do and doing what you need are completely opposite things. After starting in a new city, falling in love, two new jobs, and losing a love, Lila is wondering where to go from here.

Lila Fields working in the field in which she has a degree is a dream job. Pierce Stanley pulls Lila into the world of design giving her a high end project to work on and becoming the point person. Working alongside Pierce and gaining momentum she is falling for Pierce in a way she didn’t expect.

He’s the perfect guy for her. Sensitive, aware, and knowledgeable, Pierce gives her what he can. A little closer every day, he gains trust, acceptance, and love. But while love would be enough in most cases, sometimes, there is one love you just can’t get past.

Blake Stone is back. Will he win the fight for Lila’s love? Or will the heartbreak just keep going?

This book will make you think of each lost relationship. Possible outcomes and questionable decisions. Lisa brings out the best and worst in these characters and with them you. Can you choose? And if you could, would it be the right one? Wait for the twists and try to take the blind curves easily.

The ending …… Awesome surprise!
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