ObscuredObscured by Tara Sue Me
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Obscured by Tara Sue Me and Cat Waters was an amazing 5 star read.
You aren’t normal. You’ve never been normal. And you never will be normal.
What a twisted and shocking read.
When Athena was 16 her mother passed away and her father abandoned her. She flees to Vegas to become a dancer. Where Mike Randolph sees her and charms her into the call girl world of Vegas. Ten years later: On her way to a meeting she runs into Isaiah Martin, a blast from her past. She can’t believe he is a pastor and is planning on working with Mike. Seeing Isaiah reignites her dreams of getting away from Mike and starting over. Will Isaiah be her savior and help her get out?
“His exact words were, ‘Do what you want with her, but try to keep her alive.”
Obscured is a really twisted read that really messes with your thoughts. Just when you think you know what is going to happen a HUGE twist happens. The person that ends up being there for Athena really blew me away. I did not see it coming. And yes we end with a cliffhanger that will leave your mind doing circles and wanting more. This is different than what I’m used to seeing from this author and she hit it out of the park. You are pulled right into Athena’s life and you feel everything that she does (anxiety, fear, confusion). Thank you for a great read!
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