Sinful Instincts (Woodland Creek)Sinful Instincts by J.D. Hollyfield
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Sinful Instincts by J.D. Hollyfield is, unfortunately, a standalone novel that left me wanting so much more! The book was full of action from the start and I couldn’t put it down!

Roxsin, “Sin”, has vowed to take revenge on his half-brother, Zander, who has just murdered Sin’s love Gabriella. Sin, who is half shapeshifter, spends the next five years tracking Zander, who is a full-blood shifter, trying to keep him from carrying out his sinister plan to gain power. Sin finally gets the chance to kill Zander in a dark alleyway in the small town of Woodland Creek, but he would never have anticipated saving the life of a woman who looks strikingly similar to his lost love instead. “Becoming angrier at the unfamiliar sensations, I force myself to glance down just as she looks up and the vision almost stops my heart. “It can’t be,” I utter gravelly. My intake of breath is loud, my gaze boring into hers. Eyes wide, I stare into a face the spitting image of Gabriella. It can’t be. How is this possible?”

Emma Waters has just moved to Woodland Creek, Indiana from Arizona with her now ex-boyfriend. She had a rough childhood growing up in the foster system, and caved when her boyfriend who “loved her” asked her to move, even though she had a great job, great apartment, and even a great roommate. Now after three weeks in Woodland Creek, Emma has a night out drinking and speed dating that ends in an almost deadly way. She was attacked by a terrifying creature, but her life was saved by a hot, buff, and extremely naked man. “I fight to break free from my attacker’s hold, but his body has me pinned so tightly it’s useless. I open my eyes to beg once more for my life, but I am stunned into silence by the face so close to mine. I can feel his breath – his human breath. He’s human? “What the…” I pause. “Who are you?” The silky dark voice rolls past the plump lips of this beastly man. He doesn’t move away or give me room to breathe. His eyes stay connected to mine, burning a hole of beauty and anger into my vision. “I’m… I’m Emma… My name is Emma,” I stutter. He looks at me, still angry but semi-confused. “Emma what? What are you Emma?” “Umm… just Emma,” I reply.”

After Sin saves Emma and takes her home, he is unable to deny the strange bond and attraction he has to her. He decides he will use Emma as bait to lure Zander and finally rid everyone of him and his evil plan. However, Sin’s feelings for Emma become stronger even though he continues to fight something he can’t help but feel, and Emma can’t help but want Sin even though his emotions are all over the place. “I fought myself from going to her. I need to stay away. I need to deny what I felt at the first touch of her. Because of it all came to a head with the realization of what was happening, then it would mean I have been chasing a ghost the past five years. Gabriella was my soul mate. She was the one no matter how hard I fought would have been my love for a lifetime. But if that were the case, then why is my body tingling with the need to bond?” “Without time to acknowledge, Sin advances from his sitting position across from me and is suddenly lifting me from my chair, pinning me to the counter. “It’s real Emma. You saw it with your own eyes last night. The sooner you accept it, the sooner we can move forward with my plan.” His body is brushing against mine as he speaks to me. My skin prickles from the touch of his fingers that are resting on each side of my hips. God, why can’t I act like a normal person and flip out? I mean, he just told me that not only did a paranormal creature attack me last night but he’s also one, and he I am standing with my insides knotting and my legs clenching together. Get it together, sister.”

The unending roller coaster of excitement in this book makes it such an amazing read! You will fall in love with Sin, and completely relate with Emma. There is a ton of humor to keep you laughing, and enough emotion to make this an incredible love story. I would recommend this book 10 times out of 10! I love it, and can only hope that there will one day be more installments featuring these great characters! Definitely read this book! You won’t regret it!
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