The Forgotten PathThe Forgotten Path by Marci Boudreaux
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The Forgotten Path is the second book I have read from Marci Boudreaux and it definitely did not disappoint. This story teaches us to appreciate what you have and to live for today and it was beautifully done.

Annie O’Connell is the boss of a reality company. She’s very much in control and probably one of the strongest female leads I have ever read in a book but she also has this soft side to her because she put her life on hold at a young age to take care of her family when her mother passed away. Then, enter Marcus her employee who I just absolutely fell in love with. He’s been in love with Annie what seems like forever but it’s really only been five years. Very slowly he’s been taking her walls down that are around her heart. He goes as far as quitting his job so she can’t throw the excuse “I can’t date you because you’re my employee” bit. He has one final showing with Annie and it’ll completely change the course of their lives (it all can’t be a fun and games without throwing a wrench into the works). A senseless act of violence will change everyone’s life. The characters learn how to put their life on hold and what the cost of someone’s love and all who it affects. This is most definitely tear jerker.

This book is emotionally charged and the feels that I got are unexplainable. We watch the journey of these two people plus the rest of the O’Connell clan come to the terms with healing and acceptance. Marci Boudreaux writes such vivid books which make the reader feel that they’re part of the story. It’s like you go through this journey with the characters and it’ll stay with you long after you read the last page. I’m very excited for book 3 to see the journey her next set of characters takes me on.
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