The Toucan Trilogy (The Toucan Trilogy, #1-3)The Toucan Trilogy by Scott Cramer
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The Toucan Trilogy by Scott Cramer is a 4 star read packed with all kinds of dystopian adventures that will touch your heart and make you wonder the millions of “what ifs” should this happened for real. The trilogy is made up of book one: Night of the Purple Moon, book two: Colony East, and book three: Generation M.

We start on Castine Island, just off the coast of Maine, with the Leigh family, which ends up being most of the key players in the story. Abby is the oldest of the three siblings at 13 and followed by her brother Jordan, 12, and little Lisette, who is two. The nickname for Lisette is Toucan, who the story is named for seeing how the whole reason the kids work so hard to stay alive is to continue to raise her after almost all the adults of the world are lost to a deadly pathogen.

The pathogen was a lethal surprise that came from a comet that passed by Earth. Everyone had been looking forward to the dust making some beautiful effects on the sunrises and sunsets, but the best would be the purple moon effect. Most went to bed and never woke up after viewing the amazing sight. The pathogen attacks the hormones that come with puberty, so most of those left were young and unable to care for themselves. The Leigh family works together to build their community on the small island and do their best to survives. When news comes out of a pill to keep them alive it is just in time to save Jordan and Abby. The struggle to race the clock and survive is mixed with gangs, the heartache of not being able to save loved ones, and even nature itself.

Two years pass on the island and the new problem, a disease that can kill, starts to work its way along the coast. When Toucan becomes sick, Abby does what every amazing big sister would do: find a way to make her better…no matter what she has to do. To keep her alive, Abby makes her way to Colony East where the adults are working on keeping themselves alive and making a new world for those still alive. The three siblings end up separated and put through so much more than anyone should to make it back together.

These stories cover everything from hunger to first loves in a world unlike any other. The moments of sadness as you read about being so helpless to save people you love are almost even with the fist pumps of victory as you watch the character grow and learn to fight for what you love with every bone in their bodies.
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