Unlawful Seizure (Filthy Florida Alphas #1)Unlawful Seizure by Baylee Rose
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Unlawful Seizure by Baylee Rose appears to be the first book in her brand new series Filthy Florida Alpha’s and let me tell you, I will be anxiously awaiting the next book.

I am always a bit anxious as well as excited when I venture out of my author “comfort zone” with a new author, you know that feeling when you are not sure what to expect out of the writing, storyline, characters, etc., well, let me say this, I am now an official fan! Unlawful Seizure peaked my curiosity immediately upon reading the synopsis and so I decided to go in “blind” and not read up on reviews prior to starting and I am glad that I did as it added to the excitement.

I absolutely fell in love with both the H and the h characters immediately. Max and Tessa for me were spot on characters and I loved every bit of them. Max, although making a huge life altering decision, was truly a beautiful, caring and very sensual man. Yes, he wasn’t perfect, he made a very bad decision, right, wrong or indifferent this tragic “event” ended up costing him 5 years of his life BUT with that came his true light in a very dark tunnel he was in and that was in the form of a very beautiful and loving woman, Tessa.

I adored Tessa, this girl was going through some tough times in her life and for her to have made something of herself was a miracle. She was barely weathering through the rough patches of her life but came through with flying colors. Although, she may not have felt like she had accomplished much at this point in her life, it got her to where she was able meet her “light” in her dark world. Max and Tessa together would endure a heck of a lot in a short amount of time but it was beautiful in a very “warped” way, given their highly unusual circumstances and how they came together.

This story was well-written, I was hooked from the start and knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down and I didn’t. It was fast paced, it flowed seamlessly and although everything happened fairly quickly, it definitely didn’t feel like it. It wasn’t an actual “slow-build” but yet it was, if that makes sense. It was more insta-lust especially for Max, and you could understand why, lol, and yet for Tessa she was already smitten so the way it all played out was perfect for me. The author knew what she was doing and what she wanted to accomplish with Max and Tessa and she did it beautifully!

Now, can I tell you that the sexual chemistry between these two was out of this world, HOT. I mean from the moment they started their inner sexual thoughts for each other, I was squirming in my seat and let me tell you, it was absolutely smoking hot! Let’s face it, I love to read great sexually charged interactions between my characters and oh my, did I ever get it and so much more. Sometimes a book can have too much or repetitive sex scenes that get “boring” for me as a reader and makes me want to skim through some of it but oh no, NOT this book. Every single sexual scene between Max and Tessa had me hung on every word, every detail, it was utterly fantastic, sensual, sexy, hot and downright dirty and I LOVED every single second of these two together. Their sexual trysts were just WOW, they were intense, they were highly erotic, they were quite “adventurous” and yes, written absolutely perfect! My Kindle as well as myself, were both ready to combust into flames during most of this read, lol. What I loved even more was that the sex scenes didn’t take away from their story at all, for me, it only added that much more and I was panting up a storm along with these two.

I am now an official fan and follower of Author Baylee Rose and I will be impatiently awaiting her next book! Great start to what definitely appears to be a very promising new series. This story had all of the elements that I look for in a story. If you like a fast paced, flawless and well-written read that has the perfect flow to it, then, add in just enough drama and angst along with a whole new meaning of eroticism at its finest and you have Unlawful Seizure, so grab this book because you won’t be disappointed.
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