30 Days (30 Days, #1)30 Days by K. Larsen
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Elle has escaped from her past. She sticks a timid foot out into the future. Elle has a dark intriguing past which we learn about as the story unfolds. Elle has to make decisions to embrace freedom and accept people into her lives and complete her special list. It’s interesting how easily her new friends accept and embrace her. Some of the key people from her past her husband Ryan and Jenna. Two vast differences between how people can treat us. I’ll try not to give away too much here. Collin, Ben, and Jeanna become an important part of her life to help her on her journey. It is definitely one of a kind story with its little surprises. It talks about how we as a people handle situations. Dealing with even just verbal abuse how it can negatively affect us. How different treatment by people can indeed affect us. How accomplishing the smallest things help us feel freedom and brave enough to dream. I liked Collin. He helps Elle open up and is adorable. Emily her sister’s relationship. Such a sad and bitter sweet story. It encompassed such a unique bond with sisters. Ben and Jenna become important because they become her friends and help her. Things we can take from this story include teaching yourself that you deserve love, dealing with someone who hurts you, accepting people into your heart again and a new life. I’m trying not to give it all away and let you read it for yourself. It deals with a strong blend of character development that was enriched by the story line. A bit intense sometimes this book that is something else to read. It’s a thought provoking read as I’m sure many of K Larsons book are. A different kind of book to present itself to the readers.

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