Always You (Second Chances, #1)Always You by Stephanie Rose
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Have you ever loved someone so much you can’t think of anyone else? That’s How Samantha O’Rourke spends three years of her college career. Wanting Lucas Hunter for that long is hard, even harder when he is one of her best friends. He accepts a position in California and leaves without knowing how Samantha feels. But what happens when they reconnect? Did she wait for him? Does he want her that way?

Samantha Christenson can’t even imagine of what would happen when a ghost from her past sends a friend request on Facebook of all things. Lucky for her she doesn’t have to imagine, sitting with her daughter she never would have guessed the name flashing in her request box would be Lucas Hunter, she pales but accepts. After all, she’s married now, surely her ‘lusting after Lucas’ stage is over. Right? Right?? Well the only way to find out is to meet him and catch up of course. A lot can happen in 10 years. Is her infatuation over, or did how she let him leave only leave her unsettled?

Lucas Hunter has searched for Samantha O’Rourke for the last few years and finally found her. Samantha Christenson. She’s married now. That doesn’t stop them from catching up though. Observing her after 10 years nearly undoes Lucas. She grew into a very beautiful woman. So much more real than the woman in California. Being back home and working not far from her could prove to be just what Lucas needs. He can have his friend back. What happens when their friendship explodes though? There is a child between her and Marc. It has to be going good right? Sam’s eyes show a different story and Lucas needs to know she is okay.

Find out what happens when Samantha and Lucas bring their friendship back to life. Can they handle the heat? What happens when Marc finally gets a job but it consists of him moving to Chicago? Does she finally tells him not to come back when he gets off work, that there is nothing for him? He simply leaves. He doesn’t call and check on Bella, doesn’t send money to help. Find out if Samantha and Lucas can make things work or if they come to a dead stop with a bang?

Stephanie Rose is a genius with words and she made me flip through pages quickly just to see what happens next. Expect big things where Sam, Lucas, and Marc are concerned. I definitely recommend checking out what happens when a lost love finds you again when it could possibly be just a little bit too late.
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