Binge (Seven Year Itch)Binge by Jennifer Foor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I read Binge in one day.

We read books to feel something. This story got me going from page one. The words flow in this book, the editing perfect and the story is well worth reading. But for me it’s the feelings that it imparts. I have been sad, angry back to sad, to happy and almost giggly to hopeless. The story feels so real to me. Sometimes, I must add, almost too real as I think I have had some of these conversations in my own life. Among other things, it is about a seven-year marriage struggling to survive. We learn about the husband and wife individually and as a couple. Half way through the book I was heartbroken.

The story really made me think. I sought out friends to talk to about it. In the end I had to sort it out for myself. The book is a bit deceptive. I believed it was about a crumbling marriage. This crumbling marriage is intertwined with the true story. It is really about a mental illness that has touched my life in big and small ways. I though the wife was a vengeful, mean and a downright hard-a** woman, where sex demanded a big space for her. The end result was a surprise. I don’t like to reveal everything in a review, but I will say this–It is definitely worth the read.

I wish the author had done a better job with the end of the story. I would have liked more explanation and understanding. I had questions that I didn’t feel she spoke to. I felt the end was a bit rushed. After all, the subject is very difficult to understand. This is why I am giving it 4 stars. Ms. Foor tackles a huge mental illness problem and yet I felt there could have been ‘more ‘ of a resolution , kind of a wrap -up of the solutions and effects on society. We clearly see the effects on the marriage but I worry about their child. I liked that she included some ‘help’ services, but I wish they were in the story. To wrap a mental illness into a love story? Well I believe it’s a daunting task and my hats off to the author for her creative approach.

I must mention the editing again. I read a lot and this book had maybe 2 errors. I am including grammar and spelling as they are very important to me. A fantastic editing job for sure.

The author’s character development was flawless. I fell in love with the husband. I was heartbroken for him. The other characters kept me interested but I have to say I felt I knew the husband and wife very well by the end of the book.

This is an important subject and a very entertaining book. It was thought provoking and I will definitely continue to think about it long after I finished it. I highly recommend Binge. I will look out for more books written by Jennifer Foor.


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