Breaking Out: Part IBreaking Out: Part I by Michelle Diener
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Breaking out Part 1 by Michelle Diener

Super Humans are awesome! And in this book you get three of them, three badass ones. You have a group made up of three people with very different super powers but they make the best Super Human group ever. Kel the heroine has the most incredible power of all time in my book. Nate and Giles are the heroes they have different powers but work together perfectly. Specially since they are ex-soldiers. They escape from the facility they are being held in. Kel thinks there are others like her there but soon discovers that she is one of the last three left in the facility. She doesn’t know what they have done to her but she will find out. The action in this book id off the hook. The way Nate and Giles work together as a team. Kel and her powers abilities blow your mind. I love the way she is the center of all this power. Nothing better than a woman with so much power she doesn’t know she possesses. Nate is a bit of a mega – alpha but I like how Kel can make him calm in a way. He is the perfect balance for her and her uncontrollable powers. Giles is the funniest in this book. He makes light of almost every situation and I like him. I cant wait to start book two and find out what Kel discovers about her powers and other like her. Will Nate be there for her and help her take control? I cant wait…


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