Breaking Out: Part IIBreaking Out: Part II by Michelle Diener
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Breaking out Part 2 by Michelle Diener

The action continues with Kel , Nate and Giles setting out to rescue others like Kel. They set out to rescue a Super Human named Nina. Giles falls for her. The rescue collides with a mission that the facility had set up to push Nina to use her powers. Because of the way Nina’s powers work they end up adding another member to the rescue Simons. Nobody knows his powers but he has a gift and they will find out.

I liked how you saw the whole thing from everyones point of view but it was a bit confusing when the POV changed. There were no direct signs to know throughs whose eyes you were looking out from. But once you caught on you went with it. The action was good. And to see everyone work together again was super cool. Simons caught me of guard with his will to help Kel out. Giles surprised me with his attraction to Nina. Specially the way she can block him. The way he expresses himself about her is refreshing since Nate is more reserved in his way of thinking towards Kel. I also liked how Kel took the lead with Nate and embraced the physical contact. I hope we get to see what Simons power is and if Kel will work well with Nina knowing that she is almost as powerful as her. Can’t wait for Part three and see where we go next.


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