Doing It for Love (All About Love, #1)Doing It for Love by Cassie Mae
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Doing it for Love by Cassie Mae is the first standalone book in a new series featuring a circle of friends. This was the first book that I have read by this author and as much as I enjoyed how light, funny and cute the story was, for me personally, it was just a tad bit too “light” for my liking.

The story of Landon and Elizabeth focuses on juggling friends, family, wedding plans, work and oh yeah, a little side bet between the newly engaged couple leading up to their nuptials. For me personally, I just did not quite get the bet to begin with. When we are first introduced to the couple Elizabeth has some thoughts on their sex life and how it had been wild and crazy at first but since their “honeymoon” phase has worn, so has the excitement. Now with that being said, why oh why, would you suggest to a “brand new” fiancee a no-sex bet until the wedding? I was so confused with the whole thought process on Elizabeth’s part that it really had me questioning their relationship more in depth rather than adding some excitement? For me, when she contemplated it with her friend, I not only found it odd but I wanted her friend to discourage her too, lol. Maybe it’s just me and other readers may love this idea but for me, I didn’t. If you are questioning or even wondering about your less than stellar sex life before marriage, instituting a “no-sex till marriage” bet for me wouldn’t be the answer? Sorry, I just didn’t understand her rationale, at all and it actually turned me off personally!

There is very low drama and as awkward as the bet was for me, yes, it was a cute lighthearted romance. Landon and Elizabeth seemed to be very much in love and the sacrifices Elizabeth was willing to make for Landon were so sweet and I truly loved that part of her.

All in all, this was a very light romance, low on angst and drama with some cute and sexy moments. Landon and Elizabeth’s circle of friends were great and honestly, I wouldn’t mind giving the next book in this series a try. I didn’t love this story but I also didn’t hate it either. For me, this book was an ok read and although, I did enjoy the author’s writing, I just didn’t particularly love the storyline itself if that makes sense. I definitely plan to read another book of Author Cassie max’s in the future because she is a talented writer and just because a storyline may to be a hit with me this time, I could fall head over heels in love with the next one:)


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