Filthy Dirty Alpha (Complete Trilogy)Filthy Dirty Alpha by Grace Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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This Trilogy was a solid 4 out of 5 star!

Book one of the Filthy Dirty Alpha Series sucked me in from the beginning. This story is full of fantastic s*x and K*nk. You definitely cannot go wrong with this one by Grace Morgan. She was able to really set the scene for a high profile sex club known at the Second Circle. My perverted mind was completely taken away.
Lola, a luscious reporter is trying to go undercover at an exclusive s*x club in Austin, Texas. Her sole purpose is to find out what happened to a young girl who has disappeared. This young girl was last seen leaving this hot club. However she does not expect to meet the commanding Burke. Will she be able to survive this domineering man or will she completely loose her self-control?
Burke is a dominant. He liked his woman to be submissive and he has never had to work hard at getting a woman to succumb to his every demand (that is until Lola, who challenges him in such a way that he is totally confused.) He has the tough alpha man personality and he commands attention just by walking into a room.
An arrangement is made so Lola can get her story but it comes with a price. She must stay with Burke for 30 days straight to get that story. Her limits are tested and she starts feeling more than she should for Burke. But, the Second Circle seems to be hiding something, potentially something big.
This book is truly a great read. Grace Morgan really did a great job. She was able to put forth perfect descriptions of the characters, paint a great picture of the BDSM world, and leave me wanting more. This book is jam-packed with sex, intrigue, secrets, and of course a cliffhanger that makes you want more!

Book two of the Filthy Dirty Alpha Series picks up two days after the cliffhanger from book one. Lola is still h*ll bent on finding out what happened to Hope, the girl who disappeared and was last seen at Second Circle.
I honestly do not think Grace Morgan could have set the scene better than what she did. Lola is up on the balcony normally used by Carter and Burke thinking to herself:
“I’ve been disconnected from reality ever since I saw the security tape revealing the dirty truth: Burke lied to me. He knew Hope. He f*cked Hope. He was probably even the last person who saw her before she disappeared. And he lied to my face before he f*cked me. He left me broken and weak. Weak because I still wanted him, and broken, because seeing Hope on that video tape made her more real to me than ever.”
This very moment, you realized that Lola was far from giving up her search for Hope despite the curve ball that was thrown her way about Burke. It is also at this point that she learns that truth about Burke. Lola and Burke also learn that their arrangement may be more than what they were both in for and feelings are becoming real and harder to ignore.
After a long day, Lola decides to indulge herself with Carter, who is Burke’s partner and co-owner of Second Circle. It is here that Grace Morgan drops another bomb shell that just cannot be ignored. Is Carter to be trusted?
Grace Morgan truly has done it again with book two. She had me hooked from the beginning. Her writing is just fantastic. She has this amazing way of keeping you on the edge of your seat wanting more and she has mastered the perfect cliffhangers to keep you addicted.

Grace Morgan has totally kept me guessing this ENTIRE series! Book three starts right where book two left off. Carter and Lola are speaking with Hope and Lola finds out that Hope is not in trouble and that she was and still really is, running from her past.
After this big discovery, Lola is very confused and conflicted on her future with Burke. Does she trust him? Does she love him? In a perfect world, we know the answer to this question but does Lola have a perfect trustful world?
Burke is completely lost and baffled without Lola. He is trying to convince himself that even though he really does love Lola, he is a bad man. But let’s be honest he cannot fool himself (or me for that matter.) He is totally enthralled by her.
Grace Morgan made this ending totally epic, incredibly sexy, and of course had you guessing until almost the very end. I almost did not expect the ending we got, I was expecting something not so happily ever after, but Grace Morgan did a great job at making happily ever after fit! I look forward to other reads by Grace Morgan because she had me looked this entire series. I could not put my tablet down (I may have read all three books in less than 24 hours.) I recommend that you read the series, you will definitely be hot and bothered throughout the whole series!
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