Fire FightFire Fight by R.L. Syme
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Threatening notes and the feeling that something isn’t right can go a long way. Tande and Claire can’t afford to let this wedding go to ground. After bad press involving Tande Walker and Marcus Edison at the last big wedding held in Somewhere Texas for Marin Conley and Preston Beckett, Tande hasn’t been in the public eye or even meeting clients, Claire has done it all. Until now. Find out what happens when Threats hit a little close to home and fans are involved.

Tande Walker needs serious damage control following a disaster of an event. That’s what brings her back to Somewhere Texas for a wedding that could potentially save her career. When the groom is famous there is bound to be some hiccups. Tande won’t let anything deter this wedding. Brent and D.J deserve the best. Claire and Tande plan on delivering just that, until some things start to go wrong.

Marcus Edison, is not the goof anyone would expect. He is the kind of guy that will work straight through his days off when someone he cares about could possibly be in danger. Throw into the mix the history and chemistry between him and Tande, and you have the ingredients of something explosive. Seeing her at the station wasn’t expected. Last February wasn’t his fault.

R.L Syme does an incredible job of telling this compellingly mysterious story. I have to admit that I am usually one that can figure out where a story is going pretty quickly, however with this story I couldn’t put it down because I just didn’t know. I suspected, but I didn’t know.

Find out what happens as Tande and Marcus work together to find out what exactly is going on. You won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough to find out if the explosion is fireworks or emotion.

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