Lawyer Up (Meeting Men, #2)Lawyer Up by Kate Allure
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Lawyer Up by Kate Allure is three short stories with sexy lawyers that is a 3 star read because there is so much packed into it. You can’t really beat getting a little of everything in one book with some hot moments in some fun settings. With them being shorts they go fast and hard (hehehe) without much build up on character development. Still you get enough to work with so you can enjoy the fun everyone ends up having.

The first story is Attorney-Client Privileges that brings to mind the quote of don’t judge a book by its cover. In it Jon is a lawyer who is always looking for the truth, but as with most people in his position it becomes hard to always see the good side people. After choosing Beth out of a jail cell full of prostitutes for a free case to make his law firm happy, he soon finds out that she is the complete opposite of what he had imagined. Beth, with the help of Jon, starts to make changes for herself to better her life after being wrongly accused by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As they both use each other their friendship grows and now feel a pull for something more. Can these two met in the middle or will the differences in them push them apart.

Of Unsound Mind and Body, the second story move super-fast. Liza meets up with a yummy lawyer when she is finishing family business in the middle of nowhere. Hawk is completing a case for his now retired father and turns out to be super direct as to what he wants….and shocker it ends up being the lovely Liza. The two have one heck of a night and then go their separate ways. After such great passion will they be able to meet again with the whole US separating them?

Of Writs and Writhing wraps up this book with a read about a “Playboy Judge” and what ends up being sassy lawyer named Pat. Going up against a younger attorney, Candi, who will use whatever she can to win the case is not on the top Pats to do list. Rumor has it Judge Emmit Stockard’s attention drifts on to those that play dirty in the courtroom and even outside of it with their sex appeal. The author really tries to make a deeper story line and have her characters grow and build confidence in this part of the book by giving Pat a new look. Even with both of the main characters being older they still have to find out who they are and who they want to be in life. This is a good read as Emmit and Pat discover what they really want and make it happen.
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