My Sister's SecretMy Sister’s Secret by Tracy Buchanan
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My Sister’s Secret by Tracy Buchanan is a book that is a heart wrenching, intriguing, mysterious book about families, and the secrets they keep to protect one another. The book contains a dual timeline, which is something that I thoroughly enjoy! My Sister’s Secret tells the story of 3 sisters, Faith, Hope, and Charity, who live on the sea on the coast of England in one storyline. The other storyline is Charity’s daughter Willow’s story. The three sisters are very close growing up, and Faith gets the idea for the three of them to go around the world, finding submerged forests in oceans and lakes in England, India, Austria, Kazakhstan, and other exotic locations. The sisters, along with their friend Niall, are all experienced divers. But an unexpected tragedy curtails the girls’ plans, and their lives are changed forever. Willow is 7 years old when her parents, Charity and Dan, die in the sinking of a cruise ship. 20 years later, Willow, who is also a diver, gets the opportunity to go to the site where her parents die. She comes upon a purse that she had given to her mother when she was a child, and inside the purse she finds a mysterious necklace with the initials C and N inscribed on it. Willow has been raised by her Aunt Hope, who has never been forthcoming about the sisters’ past with Willow. Willow embarks on a journey to discover the truth about her mother, and discovers a startling secret about herself along the way. The sisters, it turns out, had many secrets from each other, and as Charity, and then Hope, discovers what they were, their lives are forever changed. This book is chockfull of surprises and twists! As the secrets are revealed, I was constantly surprised, and I love when a book surprises me!! The settings of the book, which include the locations of the submerged forests, are rich and detailed. The author has done a wonderful job portraying the characters in this book, as well. If you like books about secrets, revenge, and the tough choices people have to make at the worst of times, then this is a book for you.


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