Only You (Second Chances, #2)Only You by Stephanie Rose
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Only You is the second standalone in a 2-book series, and it absolutely does not disappoint.

Paige Taylor has had horrible luck and taste in men since high school. Her cousin Jack – who is more like her brother- has always hated to see her hurt. She doesn’t know the amount of a** he secretly kicked. Will he be happy she found someone decent? What if it’s his best friend? Find out in this compelling story.

Paige Taylor wants to become a new woman. Someone who doesn’t have the worst luck when it comes to men. She figures being alone for a while, while working on herself is what is best. What happens when a chance encounter at her cousin’s house brings her face to face with a very grown up and sexy Evan. Why had she never noticed him before? Surely she doesn’t like him, right? It’s jacks best friend after all, but when a kiss on the cheek sparks desire what can you do but go to coffee.
Evan Jacobs has waited for jerk after jerk and finally has his chance to take her on a date. How does it go? What’s going to happen when she finds out just how much Jack hasn’t told her? Will Evan be the one she runs to or will she run away from him? Dealing with the weight of someone else’s business can take a lot out of a man, but Evan will do whatever he can for Jack. He owes him a lot.
Follow Evan and Paige as their romance blooms. What happens when tragedy strikes their family? What happens when yet another tragedy strikes? This is a compellingly told story that has grief, love, heat, desire, and a little bit of mystery all wrapped up into the genius words of Stephanie Rose. Find out why it can be Only You.
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