Search for the TruthSearch for the Truth by Kathryn Freeman
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In all honesty I didn’t think I would enjoy Search for the Truth by Kathryn Freeman, simply because it sounded like so many I have read before, but I put my hands up and joyfully admit I was wrong, as I truly loved it.

Tess’s mom loses her life to a heart attack, but they discover she also unknowingly had cancer. Sounds suspicious and strange doesn’t it? Tess finds out at the funeral from a patient’s daughter that was on the same ward as Tess’s mom that her mom also died from a heart attack and her mom also had cancer. Say what?!

Did the cancer drug they were both using cause their deaths? Tess is on a quest to find out the answer to that very question.

Fast forward 18 months and with the valued support of her family she infiltrates Helix, the pharmaceutical company that produced the drug trial and she makes it her mission to find out the truth. What they don’t know is that she is also a journalist and when the truth comes out she intends to bring them down.

In the process of reaching her goal she didn’t expect to encounter Jim Knight, the gorgeous research and develop manager whom she has to
work very close with. He’s already had a relationship with a colleague in the past and got horribly hurt but sparks fly between them and the banter is sweet and funny.

Will she uncover the truth? You’re going to have read it yourself .

Love, loyalty, truth, justice, suspense, romance and suspicions it’s all here in this book one I highly recommend it. 4.5 Stars

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