Soar (Indigo Lounge, #4)Soar by Zara Cox
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Soar by Zara Cox is book 4 in the Indigo Lounge series and the conclusion for Noah and Leia! Six words will sum up this book: LOVE LOVE LOVE HOT HOT HOT…ok two words but you get it. This story starts right from the ending of Spiral with Noah in shock and dismay from Ashley’s announcement. When Leia decides to walk away from Noah for his own benefit, she breaks her heart along with Noah’s heart. While Leia didn’t stick around immediately following Ashley’s news, Noah reminds her often that she belongs to him and is his alone to protect. Noah proves to be a strong protector and a worthy friend and lover.

Ashley was introduced to us in book 3 Spiral, as Noah’s ex and she continue’s her evil ways into book 4. However she is not alone in the villain category. Ashley must share the evilness with Warren. Warren is still hanging around Leia. Even though he acts as a caring protector Warren seems to be hiding something. Oh my Zara! Warren has secrets that I did not see coming! Warren’s protectiveness turns to creepiness and thankful Leia has her eyes wide open, although she does try to give Warren the benefit of the doubt. These two evil characters are written to be easily hated. And I don’t feel sorry about it.

During the first two chapters I was really hoping Zara Cox wouldn’t use Ashley and her “announcement” as the basis of stringing Noah along making him blind to everything happening but she didn’t! Zara made Noah smart! While Ashley and Noah’s relationship was a part of the story it wasn’t the main focus, Noah and Leia were the main focus, their reactions to their reality and pasts and their feelings about each other were the main focus. Leia finds her voice and becomes a strong woman! Such a great story!


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