Sunset Beach Romance SeriesSunset Beach Romance Series by Angela Ford
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Sunset Beach is an anthology of 4 short stories, with each story written by a different author. Each of the stories revolve around one of 4 women, best friends since childhood, who come together for a 10-year-reunion at Sunset Beach. All 4 of the women left Sunset Beach a long time ago, starting new careers and falling in love far from where they grew up. But when they return for the reunion, they all realize how much they gave up by leaving their hometown.

The first story, Sunset Kisses, by Angela Ford, centers around Alivia. Alivia has made it big on Wall St. but at the expense of her pride. She is reluctant to return to Sunset Beach because when she left home, she also left Jacob, her childhood sweetheart, broken-hearted. The character of Alivia is smart, sexy, and determined to make her way in the world without anybody else’s help. She wonders if there is a chance that she could be happy and successful again in Sunset Beach, and comes up with the idea for the 4 friends to purchase and renovate an inn.

Sunset Nights, by Sharon Kleve, is the second story, and its main character is Fiona. Fiona has been living in Los Angeles, designing doll clothes, and in a messy romance. She has a chance encounter on the freeway with a mystery man, and fate steps in and shuts that door….so she thinks. Fiona is beautiful and talented, and thinks the idea of the inn is fabulous. One day, fate steps in again….can Fiona find true love and happiness in Sunset Beach?

Sunset Waves, by Jennifer Conner, tells the story of Kyra, as she, along with the other women, is working hard to get the inn ready for their first guests. Their first guest is quite unexpected, Mateo Medina, a businessman who has reserved a room at the inn for a much-needed getaway from his stressful job in the city. However, the inn isn’t ready, let along taking reservations, and Kyra and Mateo learn that the inn’s website has been hacked! He decides to stay in the only partially finished room at the inn anyway, and he and Kyra work together to keep the inn’s business free from hackers. It doesn’t hurt that Kyra and Mateo have instant chemistry, but will that chemistry lead to love?

Sunset Surprise, by Natalie-Nicole Bates, is the final story, and the main character here is Summer. Summer is a tattoo artist, whose fiancé has recently died. When she falls asleep on the beach and becomes ill, a handsome doctor finds her and takes care of her. The doctor ends up being Kimon, and man she married when she was 18, and he breaks the news to her that their divorce from 10 years earlier was not valid, and they were still married. Do Kimon and Summer still have feelings for each other, and can they get past the pain of their past?

Each of the stories was very romantic and tender, if a little predictable. It was fun seeing the women as they fell in love as they made their dream of an inn and spa come to life. If you are looking for something fun and romantic to read, then this anthology is just what you’re looking for.


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