TAGTAG by Shari J. Ryan
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Tag by Shari Ryan is a 5 star book! Let me start off by saying the prologue is amazing! I was literally sucked in saying oh my gosh what a way to start a book! We are introduced to Cali aka Carolina who is our main character. She is dealing with the brutal murder of her sister Krissy as well as trying to get over the death of her mom from cancer. Now all Cali wants is revenge for her sister’s death. Her mother always told her “know everyone, trust no one ” so Cali trusts no one. She gave away her heart once and he murdered her sister. She misjudged him and he’s hunting her now. She never stays in a place for too long and is always moving and trying to stay one step ahead of him. Her father is a CIA agent on the run so he basically is never around leaving her to deal with everything alone. On a flight to Boston she meets Tango. He’s a 24-year-old ex-marine turned mercenary. Little does she know her fathers hired him to protect her. Tango doesn’t know a lot about her but his notes and files don’t prepare him for such a beautiful and troubled girl. He begins having feelings for her but has to keep reminding himself that she is his job and that he shouldn’t pursue anything more. Cali thinks Tango is HOT. But also feels that he is not being totally honest with her. She feels like she should trust him but is a little nervous to do so. As the story progresses and the longer they are together Cali feels her resolve weakening. Yet, she is still leery because she is afraid that he is using her to get to her father. Their journey takes them from Boston to Mexico. Where they make their way through canyons and desert. Along the way they face many dangers. As to not give away big plot stuff I will stop there. This book was like crack to me aka book crack. I couldn’t get enough and needed to read more. And Tango oh Tango sounds like a total hottie mchotterson. I would totally make him my book boyfriend! I found myself wanting to read ALL THE TIME. It’s emotional, romantic, thrilling, exciting, and heartwarming all in one. I really enjoyed the characters and story plot. This is my first book by this author and I am kicking myself that I haven’t read any more of her work.

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