Time For LoveTime For Love by Melinda Curtis
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Time for Love by Melinda Curtis
This book is a very captivating, true to life story of second chances, redemptions and love. Kathy is a recovering alcoholic who lives with her overprotective brother and his perfect wife who is helping Kathy by taking care of her son Truman while she gets back on her feet. Truman has a long road to get back to trusting his mother’s sobriety and find love again for her. She takes a job at the vet clinic in town to help her get back her financial independence and regain her self-esteem. The vet she works for helps her find jobs dog walking for some of the elderly people in town. She meets a man who hides his drinking from everyone he knows and soon wants her to keep his secret. Her brother is afraid she won’t be able to stay sober and hires Dylan, a horse rehabilitator, who also helps people with addiction.

Dylan has problems of his own. He understands alcohol addiction and the abuse that can come with it because he lived with it as a kid. Plus he has a nightmare of an ex-wife who wants nothing more than to take his son from him. She hates the fact he helps people and has trouble horses that have been condemned on his ranch with their son. She learns he has a horse that is known as a killer on the ranch and decides to go to court for custody. Dylan has a lot of soul searching to do about family and who he is as a man. The ranch is his life and the choices he has made can truly make a difference in not only his life but the animals and people he is helping. He will have to make the judge see and understand exactly why what Dylan does is so important.

Melinda Curtis has brought to light the trials and tribulations of addiction. I really like this story!! She writes with heart. From the friendships to the sweet love and the forgiveness that is spread out through this story, it was hard to put down. A MUST READ

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