Under the Covers (The Texan Quartet #3)Under the Covers by Claire Boston
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Under the Covers (The Texan Quartet #3) is the 3rd book in a standalone series by Author Claire Boston.

This is the first book that I have read by this author and I found it to be a very light and easy read. Although, I felt that I didn’t need to read any of the prior stories to this one, I would be interested in going back and checking them all out at some point.

Under The Covers was about a woman named Elle, a mom who ran away from her abusive ex, Dean. Elle wants to open up a cafe to be able to support herself and her son and is quite adamant about doing it on her own, which I found quite admirable and brave.

George happens to be a part of a group who has helped Elle out and he is quickly enamored with her, and she with him as well. Due to leaving her ex only a just few weeks ago, Elle feels that she is in no position to be thinking about taking on a new relationship so soon but she does have a hard time denying her feelings for George.

George not only wanted to help take care of Elle because he could see what she had been through but he truly wanted her as a man who just wants a woman, lol! He was so sweet and caring and I loved that about him. I also love a romance where kids are involved because for me it takes on a whole new level of true and unconditional love! George was so patient and understanding with Elle, he was a really great guy.

When Elle’s past comes back to haunt her, it puts both Elle and Toby in a bit of danger, George can’t get to their rescue fast enough. Unfortunately with Elle’s history, getting her to completely trust him is no easy task and I was rooting for George all the way!

All in all this was a very light hearted and sweet romance with a touch of drama that kept my interest. It started off a bit slow but once it picked up, I found myself enjoying it. I didn’t fall head over heels in love with it but it was a nice fun book that was easy to read!
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