Unsaid (The Manhattanites, #3)Unsaid by Avery Aster
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Unsaid by Avery Aster continues the Manhattanites and opens your eyes to a whole new view of the New York life.

Blake Morgan III is working on a wish list. A list that will open him up in more ways than one. Recently divorced, giving up his dream of family and love, he is pushed to make a decision on what he wants by his well meaning friends. Blake completes a list and sets out to get a sugaring before he bottoms.

With a BCC of the wish list Miguel Santana is just the top to complete Blake’s list. With a wish list of his own when it comes to Blake, he sets about his goal. A dominant by nature, Miguel will push Blake to his limits. Breaking Blake and piecing him back together may end up breaking Mig in the process.

Miguel will bring this man to his knees and raise him to the highest peak of heaven. Still not all the way out of the closet, he’s ready but only if Blake is by his side. Blake is much more than meets the eye. Full of secrets and with a crazy ex to give you pause and make you recoil in horror. All becomes clear and stories are told.

Lex and Masi make many appearances and you will be able to see how much more there is to their story from the first book. You will also revisit with Tabby, Vive and learn a few secrets about the group as a whole as well as individually. College friends you keep for life, are some of the best and long standing friends you could ask for. This series definitely displays that in all shapes and forms.

Dig into the past and reveal the future of these high end Manhattanites. BDSM clubs to tea parties. This book will take you through the interesting areas you never knew were around the city.

Is Miguel the man to fulfill Blake’s family dream? Or is the man himself a dream? Pulling out all the stops, Avery will have you speeding into a whirlwind of emotions. Nothing is ever as it seems with first glance.

Erotic and gasp worthy. You will appreciate the details shared and the emotions evolved. Maybe we can see Thor or Vive find a love in the next installment. I will be staying tuned.
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