Women Under Fire (Grayce Walters, #2)Women Under Fire by Jacki Delecki
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Women Under Fire by Jacki Delecki was a super fun mystery with some wonderful characters and hot romance mixed in that is 4 stars all the way.

This is the second book in the author’s Grayce Walters series. In it the lead is the lovely Grayce who spends her days working with animals in her own practice where she heals and helps using acupuncture. Before this story began, Grayce had helped the very sexy Ewan Davis solve a case after she was a witness and this had led to them becoming a couple. And what a couple they are! Fun and flirty…so enjoyable to read how much they try to tease and play together. Nothing is more fun then a fresh new relationship and these two have it. While things are looking good in her work and love life she is asked to help find a missing woman by the mother using the girl’s cat. The woman is a war vet that ends up suffering from PTSD in the middle of Seattle. This is where things really get moving as Grayce’s friends: James, with his wicked humor and Hollie, her street smart office assistant help her on her mission. The greatest friend of all is Davis’s dog Mitzi, the best dang poodle in any book ever! This is one smart dog that will make any reader a dog fan when you see how loyal she is. As the friends team up with others they slowly find themselves in over their heads. Grayce starts to feel as if she is being watched…and after having her name out there for helping solve the arson case, she really is. Too bad it isn’t good guys that start to follow her every move as she hunts for the missing solider. Then to add to the mix, Davis is having to leave for training and the couple is having a hard time being apart. Things take a scary turn for Miss Walter’s and the question will be who can help her when eyes are all focused else where and Davis is away.

This can be read as a stand alone, but why miss out on the fun of reading about Davis and Grayce in the first book: An Inner Fire? This story also had some hot adult parts that are not for everyone.
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