Captivated by Your Love (Blue Hearts Series Book Two)Captivated by Your Love by Kennedy Kelly
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*4 out of 5 stars*

Captivated by Your Love by Kennedy Kelly is Book Two in the Blue Series and this book brought all sorts of feelings out of me and I loved it!
Abbee decides to follow her friend Sydney to Las Vegas. Once she moves in with Sydney, her fiancé and baby, she doesn’t expect to meet the amazing Blue family. She also doesn’t expect to have an immediate attraction towards Justice. Abbee is all independent and Justice is all Alpha. And this is their explosive but loving beginning.

Abbee doesn’t only wake up next to one Blue but to two, Justice and Reeve. She remembers all the hot and steamy things that happened last night between the three of them. There is one small problem…Jensen. Her “a little scary when he gets mad” boyfriend. Still in bed with the two brothers she realizes that even though she enjoyed the night with Reeve, she cares more about what she did with Justice. She told him she was his. She never experienced such pleasures as she did with him. Not even with Jensen. She receives a text from Jensen and starts to get the Blue men dressed and out of her room. Reeve is understanding but Justice isn’t so much and actually lets her know that he is going to let Jensen know that she is his now. Yeah, she isn’t so happy about that.

Justice did something that he never thought he would do, share. But that wasn’t what shocked him. It was that he shared her, Abbee, with his brother. Justice can’t stop staring at her and growling every time his brother touches her. Last night he claimed her as his. But to his surprise she isn’t ready to be claimed, or so she says. But he is going to change her mind. He lets her know that he has laid claim on her and is staying too, so he can let her boyfriend know. Abbee isn’t so happy about it. But with a passionate kiss he starts to change her mind. Once the kiss is broken she starts to get dressed and cleaning. When she turns to him and asks him about the condom wrappers, he admits that they didn’t use any. She isn’t happy about it, but he doesn’t care she is his.

Jensen decides to arrive after Sydney interrupts a heated kiss that happened after a heated argument between Abbee and Justice about his lack of condoms. Jensen has a fit about what he felt in the room. Justice and Jensen have a face off and that leads to Abbee being dumped.

Jensen attacks Abbee after work one night and causes her lose something very precious to her. She runs back home to Detroit. To her childhood home where she can hurt in peace and feel safe. But Justice won’t be left behind and goes after her. He finally gets her to go back to Vegas and stay with him for 10 days.

One night out Justice decides they are going to be married and he gets his wish. But things aren’t always great especially with their explosive personalities. Justice decides that he is ready for children but Abbee isn’t ready. One heated argument leads to her leaving and applying for divorce. Justice is devastated he thought that giving her space to cool off was what she needed but it wasn’t. Now his siblings are mad at him for what he said and did to Abbee and are not holding back what they feel he should do.

Abbee is hurting everyday she misses his voice, growls and most of all his presence, but she has finally gone back to work and has also applied for divorce. What she doesn’t expect is the uneasy feeling she gets one night after her shift. Her car has been violated and she is scared. So she reaches out to her protector and the man that owns her heart. Justice.

Can’t wait for the next book and find out what will happen with these couples.
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