Castle Cay (Julie O'Hara Mystery #1)Castle Cay by Lee Hanson
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Castle Cay by Lee Hanson is a 5 star book! This book is about a woman named Julie whose friend Marc dies just a few weeks after she visits. She can’t believe it is suicide. She asks a private investigator named Joe to check and see if there’s more to it. Julie can read body language and can tell if people are hiding something. She has helped prosecutors and police in the past, so she decides to head to Boston.

While on the plane she starts reliving the past where she met Marc her first job as a car salesmen which is owned by his father and his brother Avram is over the accounting department. They become fast friend. One day over lunch Marc tells Julie that he quitting and going to start painting full time he also moves to the keys. Julie stays with friends while there for the funeral and they tell her how the car lot expanded and some other thing that she finds weird she goes out for coffee before the viewing and think back again this time she was married and Marc gave her a gift to visit castle Cay she and Dan who also had worked at the car lot went well a bad accident happen and Dan had died. She locked herself away until Marc came and saw her he made her promise not to committee suicide he said that you need to fight. That was when she new Marc did not kill himself. She started questioning Marc’s family and there body language was telling her something was of right. She also call Joe in who did some more research with the help of friends. Of course Joe and Julie get together . They find out Avram has been using castle day as a drug trafficking not only that but he’s also been laundering money everybody gets taken down but Avram he disappears. I enjoyed this book. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next one.
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