Fire Away: Line of Fire #1 (Somewhere, TX, #3)Fire Away: Line of Fire #1 by R.L. Syme
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The first of hopefully many to come. Addictive and something different to whet your pallet, Ten years is a long time to keep the stares and gossip at bay, but that is exactly what Firefighter Aiden Conley has done. When his sister can’t make the cake testing to the local bakery he reluctantly fills in for her. Only to find his past staring him in the face. He hasn’t seen that face in ten years, since her family packed her up and drove out of town.

Aiden Conley, lost everything in the fire that took his wife 10 years ago, along with his reputation. He has tried to avoid town for that amount of time because the stares, and rumors got old pretty fast. Small town living perks seem to be a thing of dreams as Aiden tries to recover and make peace. Watching your best friend drive away shortly after losing everything can be hard, but Aiden has no choice. Seeing Claire again stops him dead in his tracks. Looking so much like Jane, and right as the case re-opens, he needs to keep her safe.

Claire Milton never would have guessed that sitting in on a cake tasting with the Governors son and his fiancé would have brought her face to face with the gorgeous man form school that married her sister. The nostalgia strong as she sits across from him to taste the cakes and make a decision. Finding the right cake for her business is paramount, and the last thing she wants to do is let Tande down. Fiery Delight would put their meeting on par and the investors wouldn’t forget, but luck seems to have left her as Aiden confirms the order for his sister’s wedding. Talking to Aiden may be something she comes to regret, but being there as the cops take him in is something she will never forget.

Helping Aiden in his time of need is something Claire will always do. Having her sister’s case re-opened seems to have pushed her back into his life. What do you say or do to help the person you used to love, who didn’t seem to love you back? What do you do when you fell the guilt of something you didn’t do? Follow Aiden and Claire as they try to connect the dots and snap the pieces together to find out what happened on that night 10 years ago. Find out if it’s too late, or if 10 years is enough to learn who someone truly is. Be prepared to devour this spicy novel as Becca Boyd turns your heart upside down.
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