For A ReasonFor A Reason by T.N. Cole
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• ARC provided for an honest review * 4.5 stars

For a Reason by T.N. Cole is a standalone book. I would highly recommend going into this story “blind” trust me, it will be worth it. I always read at least a few reviews on a book that I am about to read but sometimes I will go into a story “blind” as I did with this one. I am so darn glad that I did not read any reviews beforehand and it was the best move I could have made with this story.

This was a story about love, heartache, heartbreak, forgiveness, and most of all second chances. It was so unique, mysterious and so refreshing and I enjoyed it immensely. Now, although this is not a second chance love story as in the literal sense, it most definitely is a second chance story on love and living life to it’s fullest. It’s about learning through tragedies, learning to let go, and it’s definitely about learning to love yourself as well as opening up to new possibilities that life has to offer you. My famous saying in life is that I truly believe that all things happen for a reason and so the title of this book for me, was nothing less than perfect. Once I started this story, I couldn’t put it down. It gripped me from the very start and held me until I finished, it was that good.

Tristan, oh my, he was just everything I love in a book boyfriend. He was beautiful, he was smart, he was a five alarm fire in my mind, hehehe, and yet inside he was a very conflicted and broken young man. I loved him fiercely but yet at times, I wanted to slap him for being so blind to what was right in front of him!

Katelyn, oh wow, I had a serious girl crush going on for her. She was beautiful inside and out, she was wild, crazy and free-spirited, she was just so in touch with herself and more importantly with Tristan and it was mesmerizing to watch their relationship build. Now this was a slow burn but I tell you, it was just spectacular and perfect and done just so right. The sexual tensions were flying straight off of my Kindle and when they finally get “together” it’s beyond amazing. Now don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just an “emotional” read, oh no, the sex scenes in this book were perfect. They were everything I love to read about. Hot, commanding, hard and soft, gosh, the sex between Tristan and Kate was some of the best I have read about!!!!!

Now why only 4.5 star and not a 5 star you may be wondering, well, I guess for me personally it was the “twist” that happened around the 75% or so mark and I just found it “odd” and I didn’t particularly like it. I didn’t feel it was a good enough “twist” for this story. I think this story in particular, because it was so unique, deserved so much better if that makes sense. There could have been other “twists” thrown in for me that would have added so much more “credibility” to this story. I don’t want to give anything away and so I hope that when you get to the “twist” you may have a better understanding of where I am coming from. Another part of my deduction was the way it was handled. I would have liked to have seen it played out differently between Tristan and Kate. Much more “drama” and angst” for me was needed for Kate to redeem herself to Tristan. I already didn’t like the twist so maybe if Tristan and Kate’s interactions after the reveal were made more believable to me then it could have “saved” the twist but it didn’t and so for most of the last quarter of the book, I had to deduct a half of a star.

Tristan and Kate’s relationship for me was raw, real, moving, touching, the sexual chemistry between them was sky high, it was simply beautiful and with the exception of a couple of minor personal issues, it was nearly perfect. The ending was brilliant, absolutely perfect and so well deserved, I LOVED it!

This was my first book by this author and for me it was simply fantastic. The storyline was great with a very minor exception (my own personal feelings), it was seamless, flawless, and most importantly, it was beautifully executed. The writing was impeccable, it flowed together perfectly without missing a beat and kept me glued to my seat from start to finish. This may have been my first reading by T.N. Cole but it definitely won’t be my last.
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