Midnight on the Mississippi (Secrets of the South Mysteries #1)Midnight on the Mississippi by Mary Ellis
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Midnight on the Mississippi (Secrets of the South Mysteries) By Mary Ellis
*ARC provided for honest review: 5 Stars*

This is categorized as a Christian Suspense/Mystery. I however think it should be categorized as just regular Suspense/Mystery as the religious theme was very, very light. With passing mention of the characters’ particular faith, by not much other than that, I think this story will have appeal for many readers. For me, the sucker I am for a good mystery, was glued from page one.
The mystery began with Hunter, a securities broker from New Orleans, at his Mother’s birthday celebration. With calls coming from his irate and freaked out business partners he leaves his Mothers party to talk to his wayward friend and partner. Chaos ensues, and Hunter is blamed for the murder. Hunter Galen, the younger son of three children, was raised by one of the most influential families of the Garden District going back many generations. Which in my opinion is why Hunter is such a people pleaser and what I call a yes man, basically a man who goes along life agreeing with everyone even in matters that he clearly doesn’t agree with just to satisfy others will, I think that was his biggest flaw. I was very pleased when his character grew into the young man I think he was made to be written as.

With this mystery and charges being brought up against Hunter his need to prove his innocence was never greater. Enter longtime friend of his elder Brother, Nate price private investigator. Nate’s cousin Nikki Price, a new private investigator, finds herself needing to help her ailing Mother. What’s a small town girl to do, but go pester her cousin for a job in the bigger city? Arranging to stay with a friend from her home town who’s already living in New Orleans, she sets out to prove her worth to everyone. While I liked how confident and easy going Nikki was, I thought she could have used more development when telling of her family dynamics. I had many questions of the relationship with other family members who were casually mentioned by not really developed into the story line. I would have liked more development of her character other than her not feeling good enough, pretty enough, or rich enough. I had to wait until the very end to get that satisfaction of discovery of self-worth. I do love the mentoring the wise Ms. Jeanette Peteriere gave O’lette. Nikki went thru many different struggles in this book, and I liked that she didn’t falter or turn into a crumbling mess. She didn’t even take a lot of verbal abuse from Ashley, the blond scarecrow as named such from Jeanette.

I think Ashley’s character was the most diversely written. She was not a nice person who manipulated many people over a lot of time. Sad to say, I was greatly happy when she was revealed to be the insincere person with a hidden agenda all her own to everyone.

In conclusion, I didn’t figure out the murderer until it was unfolded before my eyes. I didn’t like the characters I wasn’t supposed to like. I did like those that I was meant to. It did leave me with a few questions. Like what happened to all the money? Will we ever find out what happened to the other relatives of James? All in all I think this is a very well rounded mystery with a dash of romance and a hint of greater things to come with future books in this series.
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