The Right Kind of Love (Blue Hearts Series Book One)The Right Kind of Love by Kennedy Kelly
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This was my first time reading something from Kennedy Kelly and let me tell you she didn’t disappoint. I believe I found a new member to my Book Boyfriend list. Yes! Damien Blue has swept me off my reading feet with his man-whore, charming and straight forward ways.

The Right Kind Of Love is hard to find specially after something tragic happens to you. But that is exactly what Sydney Summers finds.

She lives with her roommate and best friend in Detroit when she is violated by someone she thought cared about her. She runs away instead of facing her problems. She runs to the city of glitz and glam ,Las Vegas. Her strength to not let what happened to her destroy her is her drive to move and start fresh.

Sydney has a new job and a new room mate in a new city. She went into this thinking her new room mate was a girl named Dana and that Zeus (her dog) would be welcomed. Well she wasn’t expecting that she would actually be sharing an apartment with a man-whore who wasn’t so accepting of Zeus. Not only that but within the first hour of meeting each other they start to push each others buttons.

Damien Blue, tattoo artist and man-whore, wasn’t expecting a ******* female (his words) but here he was rooming with a girl with vibrant jade green eyes and a cute rat as a dog. He doesn’t know what it is about this girl that makes him push her buttons. But he thought she was cute when she was pissed. At the end he didn’t mind rooming with a chick as long as she didn’t cock block. He also had a feeling that something was off with Sydney. And he was gong to find out.

Sydney was tired since Damien had a revolving door in his bedroom. The noises she heard coming from his room were out of control and the bed hitting the wall every time he pounded into one of the skanks, didn’t allow much sleep. She couldn’t just pack up and move so she just had to deal.

They form a sort of friendship, which works out fine, But once Damien witnesses one of Sydney’s nightmares he has a protectiveness towards her. Which shocks him. Sydney also has this sense of protectiveness towards Damien, specially when his dad makes comment about his chosen profession. The revolving door in his bedroom isn’t so revolving anymore and Sydney notices. The more time they spent together the stronger the bond gets.

When Sydney gets a text from Wes, the man she thought cared for her and saw her as family turned rapist. Her body decide to respond to the message by making her sick. Damien is there for her and sees the text and knows that Wes is who she is running from but doesn’t know why. He vows to protect her from him. She doesn’t let him know what happened. He doesn’t need to know the fear in her eyes says it all.

Unexpectedly Sydney has to go home, there had been a incident. Damien having a gut feeling tags a long. She finally comes face to face with Wes. Damien is there holding her the whole time and the murderous looks Wes is sending Sydney do not escape him. When Wes approaches them and verbally assaults Sydney, Damien can’t stay quiet and stands up for her. Wes will not intimidate Sydney. Not while he is around. They go back home that night. Figuring out that Wes is a real threat to Sydney.

Wes doesn’t let up on harassing Sydney. That doesn’t stop Damien and Sydney from developing a strong relationship. Suddenly what Sydney thinks is a stomach flu turns into a baby conceived during the worst thing that has ever happened to her. Damien steps up and claims her and the baby as his own. She struggle with making a choice when it comes to the baby. Sydney also struggles to believe that Damien will welcome truly love the baby as his. And that is more hard to believe when a woman shows up with a baby boy and says that it’s Damien’s son. Their relationship is rocked by the news. Wes also finds Sydney and attacks her while she is pregnant. Damien rescues her but not before her water breaks and their baby girls is born.

With Wes in jail and no longer a threat Sydney can enjoy life with her new family. And it took The Right Kind Of Love to show her that life was beautiful after everything that happened.

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