When You Least Expect It (Great Expectations, #1)When You Least Expect It by Catherine Scott
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When you least expect it By Catherine Scott Review 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

I was really enjoying this book from the start. It was developed well, and was very intriguing. The story line follows a young lady named Jade, who experienced many different challenges for such a young age. After losing immediate family members she becomes withdrawn and unsure of letting people get close to prevent loss. I can understand her reasoning, as the writer did a great job of describing the thoughts and feelings in each stage. This continued throughout the story line.
With a nudge from friends Nick and Lisa, she agrees to meet a brother of a friend of Nick’s, Joe. Joe seems uninterested in Jade, which seems to fit along the lines of Jade’s feelings to meeting this stranger. However there are things going on behind the scenes that no one is aware of, things and actions that will soon change Jades life forever.

Sexy art teacher Leo Blackbird has had his share of loss and grief. Lumbering into a classroom he thought was empty just might have been his best move yet. The author really hit the nail on the head with this character. I was drooling all over my kindle over him. I think he is my new favorite book boyfriend. Sexy, slightly shy, manly, thoughtful, um did I say sexy? Yeah, you’ll love him too when you pick up your copy. And you’re going to want to. All I was thinking was Jade you lucky, lucky girl. She deserves such a caring partner.

I think the characters had nice development from the start, and continued to grow throughout the book. The first part of the book was great, the middle was very uneventful, and then the end was nail biting action. It would have flowed better in my opinion to have some more drama happen in the middle stages and have a balanced ending. The plot became a bit predictable, but was still pleasant.

This is a great debut from this author. I can see myself getting hooked to this series. I plan to start the next book in the series which features Leo’s father, Ben Blackbird, immediately. I am hoping there will be a book for each of the supporting characters, as I became just as attached to them as I did the main couple.
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