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I pride myself on finding the best of the best and surrounding myself with amazing people. Our reviewers care about what they review, they care about being honest and keeping their integrity while still being respectful. We make no promises to give a certain star rating because it’s our name on the line. We do however avoid posting any rating lower than a 3 out of respect for the author’s hard work. I currently have 53 amazing kick butt reviewers and all of them are integral to this business! Everyone of them has signed an NDA and understand their importance. Please take a moment to get to know just some of our reviewers in no particular order.

Colleen N – Owner & Founder of Itsy Bitsy Book Bits

A little about me, I have been with my husband 21 years, we have one sixteen year old daughter, a cat, and a dog.  I am originally from NY but have resided in Colorado Springs, CO for most of my life. I love playing volleyball, bowling, working out, Canasta and singing. I first taught myself to read at 4 years old and funny enough the first thing I learned to read was the TV Guide, which would explain my obsession with loving a million shows lol. Growing up I couldn’t read enough, it’s all I did every day all day. I first fell in love with Judy Blume & Beverly Cleary then graduated to V.C. Andrews and True Crime. In my early 20’s I got married, had a baby, and life just became ridiculous which caused me to soon lose my love of reading and books for many many years.  Last year I read a book that threw me for an absolute loop (If you Stay by Courtney Cole). That book made me laugh, cry, scream, stomp my feet, and throw my hands up. Soon after, I came across a post from Leigh Ann Lunsford looking for people to read one of her books. At first I was completely stunned because A) I had never heard of authors doing ARC’s and B) I had never heard of an author actually talking to their fans. I sat down to read Not Enough and had never been so moved in my entire life by a book. I felt as if part of it was my life and that Leigh Ann had somehow been in my head and possessed me. It touched such an immense part of my life that I took a chance and sent her a PM. Something silly if I remember correctly like a line in the book that made me laugh my butt off and I sent her the line with a crying emoticon. Imagine my surprise when she actually messaged back. The fact that someone so brilliant would take the time to lol with me and chat meant so much. I was still reeling from the loss of my father and needed it more than she will ever know. We soon became friends and she has a special place in my heart forever. I soon found my passion for reading again and in ways I never even knew existed. As Leigh Ann and I talked I learned more about authors and especially Indie authors. I soon realized that the passion I once lost was back 10 fold and in new ways so I began Itsy Bitsy Book Bits.  I have surrounded myself with an amazing team of reviewers (53) and assistants who keep me sane and together we are hoping to build the most amazing business for authors and readers by authors and readers. Thank you for joining us on this journey. 


Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand. Shannon F – 

I am a wife and mother of 4. I married my Jr High sweetheart right out of high school, so romances and happily ever afters are important to me. Nothing is off limits in my reading and while romance is my favorite genre, I  do enjoy a little mystery and gore every now and then. I read every free moment I can find and I love giving any author a chance. 
Top 5 favorite authors:
1. LB Dunbar
2. Beth Flynn
3. Nora Roberts
4. GM Scherbert
5. Stephen King
Favorite Book Line:
” You are Brave. Bright Side by Kim Holden
Last 5 Star Read:
Dared by Kristina Borden

Cara W - 

I'm a stay at home mom and military wife. I am currently getting my second degree, this one will be in teaching whereas my first is as a paralegal. Reading is something that calms me, I have really bad anxiety and reading takes it all away. I actually started avidly reading right after my son was born due to my husband deploying. 

If I had to choose my top 5 authors they are: (this is in no specific order) Kelly Elliott, Kristin Mayer, Chelle Bliss, Harper Sloan and Felecia Lynn. 

Favorite book line: "3,2,1, zero baby" Jesse Ward This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Last 5 Star Read: Broken Love by Kelly Elliott 

Eda T-
Hi I’m Eda, I’m a dental assistant in south west Florida. When I am not at work or with my kids I’m reading. I prefer both paper and digital, I just can’t give up the feel of a paper book in my hand but, the ease of digital is absolutely essential. I read almost anything i can get my hands on, I love all types of books from how to guides to spicy romance.
Well, thats a little about me.
Top 5 favorite authors: Kathryn Le Veque, C.L Scholey, Laurann Dohner, Eva Langlais, Lacken Cane.

Last 5 star review: Shattered Restraint By Cassandra Lawson.
Favorite line from a book: Even when it feels like a fairytale, I’d rather be your favorite monster than your princess.

Hi, I’m Krystal!

Some of my favorite authors include: JA Huss, Isabelle Richards, Kristen Proby, Abbi Glines, and Sloane Howell/Celia Aaron.

I have WAY too many favorite lines to pick only one, lol.  

The last 5 star read i had was A Mess of a Man written by A.M. Hargrove and Terri E. laine.  

I love reading to myself and to my kids whenever i get the chance.  I am open to pretty much all book types and love coming across new authors, and discovering  new favorites!

Hello my name is Lindsey S, I am 25 years old and I absolutely love to read, which is why I became a book reviewer in the first place. In my spare time I am currently working on writing a book of my own. I love the arts and literature, as to I struggle because I suffer from anxiety, bipolar and depression and this gives me an outlet to dwelve into and other worlds for my mind to explore. Some of my favorite genre’s include Paranormal, Science Fiction and Romance.

My 5 Favorite Authors by: Lindsey S

1.       Ellen Hopkins

2.       Mary Ting

3.       S. J. West

4.       Kate Young

5.       Claire Farrell

Book Title: Unenchanted (an unfortunate fairy tale book 1)

Book Line: “What are you doing?” “Are you chirping?” Nan rolled her eyes and laughed. “Really Mina, it’s called tweeting”.

Last 5 star book I read is Fallen by Brenda Lee Harper

My name is Kelly C and I am 19 years old. I am from Minnesota, Since a young age I have always enjoyed reading and one of my dreams was to become a full time author and to be able to review wonderful books by wonderful authors! I have been a part of Itsy Bitsy Book Bits for almost 3 months and I have enjoyed every second! I cant wait to see what’s instore for the future. 

Top five authors: 1. Emma Hart 2. Chelle Bliss 3. Nora Roberts 4. H.S Strickland 5. Sabrina Stark

Favorite Book Line:
Last Five Star Read: Beneath These Lies by Meghan March 

Hi I’m Jessica , I love to read, and write as well as play sports; Volleyball, Hockey. I’m an older sister, as well as a younger sister. I am an aunty and a best friend. I’m Loyal to those I care for as well as the things I’m committed to. I’m a nerd who loves anime and manga. I’m also a cosplayer, and a light gamer. I’m a family person, who loves kids.

1.       L.A Banks

2.       L.A Casey

3.       Shelly Laurenston

4.       Lora Leigh

5.       Nalini Singh

Last 5 Star Book: Scar Series Box by Nikki Sparxx

Favorite Book Line:

Aideen by L.A. Casey

I frowned and touched Nico’s face. “You’re too pretty to receive punches to the face.”

Nico laughed and said, “Bro, your girl thinks I have a pretty face.”

“So? She thinks I have a pretty cock; I know which one I’m happier with.”

About me: I’m currently in college, finishing up my last semester so that I can graduate and become a teacher. I love reading, sometimes I read so much I forget about my college work. I have 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother. I try my hardest to be someone they look up to, a good role model. My passion for reading began in elementary school. I remember checking out the Magic tree house books, along with the Babysitters Club books. As I grew older, reading became something I wanted to do all the time. While in high school I was involved in athletics and extracurricular clubs so I didn’t get to read much. Today, that is different. If I could I would read all day long! Reading enriches our lives, it allows us to learn about other people, places and customs. Some see it as boring, I see it as a window to a new world.

Top 5 Favorite Authors:

Nicholas Sparks

Terri Anne Browning

Lisa Gardner

Laura Numeroff  (If you give a mouse a cookie)

Lurlene McDaniel

Favorite Book Line:

 “It’s ok. We aren’t in the same class. Just don’t forget that some of us watch the same sunset too”.

“Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold”. Both from the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Last 5 Star read : Beneath these Lies by Meghan March 

Hi! I am Amber and have been reviewing books for the last several years for people and for fun. I am proudly married to a service-member for 14 years and have two boys ages 9 and 2. My favorite things are kilts, books, my family, usborne books and the library and not in that order lol I like to read fantasy, paranormal, some romance, mystery, chick lit and new adult. I am also obsessed with the walking dead show. My absolute favorite books have psychics and ghosts in them. 

My favorite quote is “before you, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark.. And then you shot across the sky like a meteor.” Edward Cullen 
New moon by Stephanie Meyer 

Top 5 favorite authors 
1.	Victoria Laurie
2.	Tonya Kappes 
3.	Shari J Ryan
4.	Sarah J Mass
5.	J.L Bryan

The last 5 star book I read was Cursed by D P Payne. Great book!