The Gessami ResidenceThe Gessami Residence by Jane L. Gibson
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Amanda, Beth, Rose, and Jenny. A group of four friends all going through different issues varying from becoming a widow, a content and boring marriage, a divorce and just being single they all decide a vacation is needed. So, they let Rose plan their entire vacation and they knew nothing of the details until right before their flight at check in. Where are they going you ask? Ibizan, the popular hot spot vacation choice of many 18-23 year olds looking to cut loose and have fun. Just what the four women need to add some spunk in their lives.
On their first night there they decide to go out and see what locals have to offer, when Jenny decides she’s had enough and wants to go back to the hotel. On her way she decided it’s not as easy to walk on sand while drunk and in wedge sandals as she thought it would be…and she falls…luckily no one see’s her….until Ethan offers her a hand and she realizes him and his colleague witnessed the entire fall. Tall, handsome, around her age, Ethan, and she is mortified. And drunk. After many brief encounters Ethan invited them all to a semi formal party with himself and some colleagues. Will Jenny finally feel okay moving on 3 years after her husbands passing or will that stop her from getting to know Ethan like she wants. After going out many times, loosening up and just relaxing will Jenny and her friends finally get the vacation they have been hoping for or will some of them realize they have just what they need at home. After getting to know Ethan as much as she can in the small amount of time they have
will she decided it’s too much when she finds out what Ethan does for a living or will everything work out and they both admit their attraction for each other and make the most out of the time they have together. Jane Gibson does a great job with the character relationships and the way they relate to each other. It’s a story of four friends who just feel overwhelmed and need a change from their everyday plain boring lives.
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